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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

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private lessons near me, private swimming lessons near me

About Fitness Misfits

To all the misfits...

I was the awkward, tall, most uncoordinated child. I wanted to be a ballerina, dancer and a gymnast. Too gangly and tripping over my own feet ended those dreams. I was picked on and made fun of for my height, my lack of coordination, my acne, my big nose and ugly face. I tried every sport in school and was always hurting myself and was probably mediocre at best. Well, I was good at track. And hurdles. Until I flipped over a hurdle and broke my nose. In high school I didn’t make any sports teams. So I’d make banners for all the other people excelling in sports. I’d also swim all day alone in my backyard pool. oh! Art and German club were my jam, Nerdy much? Yup. 

The day I turned 15 I began lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons- waaaaay back in 1992. My private lesson business started when I was asked to teach special needs children. I later added fitness and my version of yoga classes. I have since gotten real certifications. 

8 years ago I began teaching at a therapy pool which then led to teaching yoga, pilates, and aquatic therapy for rehab and injuries, working with veterans and those dealing with TBI and PTSD. 

My yoga practice began 25 years ago. For the last 7 years I have taught yoga all over Los Angeles and Houston.  

Currently, I am working with the MindUp Foundation and Cosmic Kids Yoga curriculum to get yoga and mindfulness into local schools. I am also teaching private swimming lessons in Houston at the Bellaire Evergreen Therapy pool. 

I teach all of my yoga and swimming lessons with a theme of calmness and ease. 

Private Fitness

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